Work and Energy and Circular motion.

A stone swings on a horizontal circle at the end of a string 2.0 m long. The period of the motion is 1.2 s. How much work does the tension in the string do on the stone in .40 s? I am having much... more


physics circular motion

A physics student is whirling a bucket of water in a vertical circle of radius 1.4 meters. What is the minimum speed the bucket must maintain at the top of its path so that none of the water... more


Maxima and Minima

A sphere is inscribed in a right circular cone. Find the dimensions of the cone if the diameter of the sphere is 16cm.

Moment of Inertia Parallel axis theorem

Two rods of length a and mass m are joined together at right angle to form a T-squre. Show that MI about center of the T pendulum is (17m*a^2)/12 using parallel axis theorem


Asymptotic behavior

f(x) = k + u/(1+e^(b(x-t)))What is the asymptotic behaviour for low values of x and high values of x?


Physics 101 Calculating Diameter of Hair

You stretch a strand of your hair across a laser beam and observe the diffraction pattern this produces on a sheet of paper 1.25 m from your hair strand. You mark the center of the dark regions on... more

Moment of Inertia

So I have had these questions confusing me for some time and tried googling but came up with long , hard-to-understand equations and notations and articles. So I would be glad if someone could... more

Mean Value Theorem

Function f(x)=1/x on the interval [4,9]. Find the average/mean slope of the function on this interval. Then f'(c) is equal to the mean slope, find cmy work:a) f(x)=1/x((1/9)-(1/4))/(9-4)= -1/36b)... more

Find the equation of the hyperbola if:

a). the asymptotes are y=0.5x and y=−4−0.5x, and one of the vertices is (−4, 0).b). it has x-orientation, with vertices (2, 0) and (−2, 0), and it goes through the point (4, 5sqrt(3))PLEASE HELP... more

Find an equation of the tangent line at the given point.



double rms speed of molecules of gas

A gas is at 200 K. If we wish to double the rms speed of the molecules of the gas, to what value must we raise its temperature? 


Calc 3 Extra Credit #1 Question 1

Find the area of the parallelogram having vectors u = < 1,2,1> and v= <3,1,1> as adjacent sides.


J.J.Thompson used a cathode ray instrument to measure the charge-to-mass ratio for the electron.

Consider a beam of particles travelling in the  direction through electrostatic plates of  between which the electrons are deflected (down) in the  direction by an electric field of magnitude  . A... more

SAT Math 2 -- Question involving Functions

Please help me understand the following question-- If f(2x) = x+5 and f(g(6)) = 13, then 2 * (g(6)) equals A) 6 B) 16 C) 32 D) 36 E) 64

Find the angular acceleration of the rod.

A light rod of length a can turn freely about the end A which is fixed, and the other end B is attached to a particle of mass m. The end B is joined by a string of length a to a small ring C of... more

Simple harmonic motion

A small marble slides along the inside of a cup which has a cross-sectional shape;y=0.100x²,where x is the displacement from the center of the cup and y is the height of the surface above the... more
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