Explain why computing a variance of several numbers is like analyzing their differences.

Explain why computing a variance of several numbers is like analyzing their differences.



Solve for k if the roots of the equation kx^2-16x+32=0 are equal.

Find the exact value

Cos(x)=1/4    csc(x) > 0   find sin (x/2) 

solve equation of a parabola

How do I solve what is the equaiton of a parabola with vertex (0,0) and focus (0,4)   thanks


Solve the resulting triangle

Two sidea and an angle are given. Determine whether the given information results in no triangle, one triangle, or two triangle.      a=4 b=3 B=15degrees


How do you simplify (a/a+2a+1)+(3/4a^2-4)?

I've simplified it down to (a/3a+1)+(3/4(a^2-1)) but I don't know if I did right first step because I'm not sure where to go next. 


how much 40 degree water will it take to cool 100gallons of 120 degree water to 100degrees

I want to find the ratio of cold water to hot water I need to make 100 degree water for a nursing home I have a 100 gallon tank and I need to cool it from 120 to 100 degree and the water i'm adding... more


How do you find the x intercepts and y intercepts of a circle with a given circle besides graphing?

The circle is not in the formula already. The equation is x^2+y^2+4x-6y+4=0 Also I am not sure whether I should complete the square or not.


Determine the size of the sample space

An experiment consists of choosing a subset from a fixed number of objects where the arrangement of the chosen objects is not important. Determine the size of the sample space when you choose the... more


Two balls, one of gold with a mass of 100kg and one of wood with a mass of 1kg , are suspended 1 meter apart . What is the attractive force , in newtons , of

(a) the gold ball acting on the wooden ball ?  (b)the wooden ball acting on the gold ball .


The population of Barnstable ma is 28 less than half of Lynn

The population of Barnstable ma is 28 less than half of Lynn ma. The total population of both Barnstable and Lynn is 135523. What Is the population of each city/town?


patty works at a souvenir shop. Out of 440 items sold,4/5 were sweatshirtTwentyfive percent of the total other item sold were baseball cap

 patty works at a souvenir shop. Out of 440 items sold, 4/5 were sweatshirts. Twenty-five percent of the total other items sold were baseball caps. What percent of the total number of items were... more


Find the area enclosed?

Find the area enclosed by the ellipse with parametric equations x=2 cos θ and y=3 sin θ.    Answer: 6pi   Please show all your work.

need help with this word problem please!

stuck on this on   Parents set up a trust fund for their children last year. part of it is earning 6% simple interest per year while the rest of it is earning 5% siple interest per year. they... more


Please answer this calculus question?

At time t, a particle moving in the xy-plane is at position (x(t), y(t)), where x(t) and y(t) are not explicitly given. For t≥0, dx/dt=4t+1 and dy/dt=sin(t^2). At time t=0, x(0)=0 and... more


evaluate the following

sigma26 n=0(-1)n2n


if (x-1) and (x+2) are factores on equation x^3+px^2-7x+q=0 find the values of p and q

i want the value of p and q,i would like them to be clearly  shown in a order and i would be very glad if every step would be shown


is this an enforceable contract?

Jason Novell, doing business as Novell Associates, hired Barbara Meade as an independent contractor. The parties orally agreed on the terms of employment, including payment of a share of the... more

Can i please get some help? I dont know how to set this problem up, or solve it

The gravitational force, F, between an object and the earth is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the object to the center of the earth. If an astronaut weighs 210 lbs on the... more

i do not know how to sart this questio kindly help me

The lifetimes of a colour TV picture tube is normally distributed, with a mean of 8 yrs and a standard deviation of 2 years. (i) What is the probability that a picture tube will last more than 10... more

please someone teach me how to work with this types of problem.

1) use the giving values to evaluate the other four trigonometric functions.          csc(theta)=53/45 , cot =28/45     2) Match the trigonometric expression tan theta(cot theta +tan... more


If y is usually less than x, the correlation coefficient between x and y will be negative. True or false and explain

(A)If y is usually less than x the correlation coefficient between x and y will be negative. True or false. And explain (b). If the correlation coefficient is -0.80, below average values of the... more

Trigonometric identities


level of measurement

A survey asks you to denote your political party affiliation by entering (1) for Republican, (2) for Democrat, (3) for independent, and (4) for not registered voter. Is this a nominal, ordinal,... more


1. calculate the number of sides of a regular polygon whose interior angles are each 156 degree.

it is a polygon questionhaving problem to solve it plsssssss solve it  :(

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