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Variance Question Variance


when is variance 0 when observation is independent or same



How to find the minimum variance portfolio, 2 company's, 5 portfolios.

Hi   i have found out the following     Weight in Kingsley Weight in Duvall ER SD 0.0%    100.0%  15.00     25.0025.0%   75.0%   13.75     21.25 50.0%   50.0%   12.50     18.8775.0%   25.0%... more


can somone please check my work.

The data from placebo 0mg is listed below. 57,27,32,31,34,38,71,33,34,53,36,42,26,52,36,55,36,42,36,54,34,29,33,33     What is the mean number of correct responses of the participants after... more
Variance Question


random variable

compute the mean, variance and standard deviation of the random variable X having the following... more
Variance Question Accounting Accountancy Variance


Variable Manufacturing Overhead Rate Variance Accounting Need Help

Luis Corporation uses a standard cost system in which it applies manufacturing overhead to products on basis of machine hours (MH's). The company's standard requires 4 Machine Hours for each unit... more
Variance Question Accounting Accountancy Variance


Variable Overhead Rate Variance Accounting Question Need Help

Thomas Corporation uses a standard costing system in which variable manufacturing overhead is assigned to production on the basis of number of machine hours. The following data pertain to one... more


Direct Labor Rate Variance Accounting Question

Joseph Company requires 6 direct labor hours for each unit produced and pays $20 per hour. During the last month, the company produced 1,000 units of product and paid a total of $87,120 direct... more
Variance Question Accounting Accountancy


Purchase Price Variance Managerial Accounting Need Help

Carmel Inc has the following standards for the materials used for the production of their core product: Standard Quantity Per Unit of Output : 8.3 lbs Standard Price : 19.15 per pound The... more
Variance Question


Variance question

What is the variance of 10,9,9,8,8,8,8,6?  Is it 1.1875 or 1.35?   Please show your work when answering the question. 

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