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How to find the minimum variance portfolio, 2 company's, 5 portfolios.

Hi   i have found out the following     Weight in Kingsley Weight in Duvall ER SD 0.0%    100.0%  15.00     25.0025.0%   75.0%   13.75     21.25 50.0%   50.0%   12.50     18.8775.0%   25.0%... more


Compound Nomial Rate

An initial $3800 investment was worth $4320 after one years and nine months. What quarterly compounded nominal rate of return did the investment earn? (Do not round intermediate calculations and... more
Rate Of Return


weighted return

You purchase a stock for $100 that pays an annual dividend of $5.50.  At the beginning of the second year, you purchase an additional share for $130.  At the end of the second year, you sell both... more

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