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How should I balance memory with network latency on a paginated table?

A web application I'm working on has a tool that queries a database and returns up to several thousand rows. When considering pagination, at what point does it make more sense to get the entire... more
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Angular header/footer, Component or Module?

I have been learning angular for a while now and I understand the point of modules and components (briefly) but now I am starting my own project using the framework I am somewhat confused. When... more


Is having a parent controller to manage a set of tabbed sections an anti-pattern for an angular application?

A lot of times, I have long forms that I divide into multiple tabbed sections. Each section is managed by it's own controller and there is a parent controller that manages the whole view. I use... more


How do I create a modal service with AngularJS?

I'm trying to make a service that's polymorphic based upon what mode is specified in the URL. If the char param in the route is set to 'p', I want to use a PresentMode service. If the char param is... more


What is a good method of storing test data for development and unit testing with angularjs and jasmine?

What is a good method of storing JSON data/objects for development and unit testing with angular and jasmine?I have seen some ways of accomplishing this. However, since I am new to unit testing... more
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How can I team up two MVC frameworks without having them fight each other?

I'm creating a CRUD-based web project, and am thinking about using a server side MVC framework (such as CodeIgniter or Laravel) in tandem with a client side MVC framework (such as AngularJS). Is... more


How and where to test if the JSON request objects generated by the front-end is valid?

We have built a complex Angular application that sends multiple HTTP request to a REST service that is also built in house. Since both the frontend and the backend is being developed in parallel,... more


Where to put the Angular app in a ASP.NET Web API solution?

I'm starting a greenfield app and I want to use ASP.NET (4.6) and Angular 2. For the backend I have created a project in Visual Studio, and now I'm wondering where to put the Angular app. I really... more


Best practice for angular service return value?

I have a number of angular services (e.g. a user service) which make various HTTP calls and I'm wondering what the best practice would be for handling errors. For example, I could do: function... more

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