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solving systems of equations by substitution: 4x+3y=2 3x-2y=10

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1 Answer

Sorry for being so late on the response. Take one of the equations and solve it for either the x or y variables. Let's take the second equation and solve for the y variable. 

3x-2y=10 -> -2y=10-3x -> y=(10-3x)/-2

Now all we do is plug that in for the y variable in the first equation and solve for the x. 

4x+3((10-3x)/-2)=2 -> 4x+(30-9x)/-2=2 -> 4x-15+4.5x=2 -> 8.5x-15=2 -> 8.5x=17 -> x=17/8.5. ->


From there all you do is plug that in for x in either of the equations to get the y variable.