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Everyday Life Physics Forces Torque


Why is less force required to open a door when we apply a force at a greater distance from the hinge?

I know that the magnitude of a torque increases with the distance from the axis of rotation. What is the reason of that : how can a force exert a greater torque when the force is applied at a... more
Everyday Life Physics Forces Friction


Why do we take small steps while walking on ice?

> When we walk on ice we should take small steps. Small steps ensure: > > a.)larger friction. > > b.)small friction. > > c.)larger normal force. > > d.)smaller... more


Which force is responsible for victory in tug of war?

I'm confused: In a tug of war game on rough ground who will win? The one who applies greater force on the rope or the one who applies greater force on ground?


First-hand sources for medieval urban life in central Europe?

I am a teacher and I would like to do an exercise with my students concerning the urban life in the Middle Ages. I am looking for original, first-hand sources who describe urban life from the 11th... more
Everyday Life Physics Forces Friction


Why do ballpoint pens write better on pages that have pages below them?

If I write on the starting page of a notebook, it will write well. But when there are few or no pages below the page where I am writing, the pen will not write well. Why does this happen?


What were shoe soles made from in previous ages?

Today, nearly all commercial footwear has a sole made of either rubber or plastic with rubber-like qualities. It's a great material for the job, but it comes from a tree that's native to the... more
Everyday Life Astronomy Optics


How big should a lens of a telescope be so we can see the American flag on the Moon from the Earth's surface?

How big in diameter should the lens of the imaginary telescope to be so we can see the American flag from e.g. some observatory in Hawaii?

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