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Solutions Stoichiometry Chemistry Stoichiometry


Sorry for asking for more help :(

How many liters of 3.87 M sulfuric acid are required to fully neutralize 698.5 mL of 8.16 M lithium hydroxide?Sorry I keep asking for help, but no matter how I do the problems or work them out I... more
Solutions Stoichiometry Chemistry Stoichiometry


I think I'm over thinking this

I feel like i'm over thinking this but every time i do it i get it wrong.Here's the problemIn a titration, 402.8 mL of a 7.16 M solution of hydrochloric acid is neutralized by with 0.359 L of... more
Solutions Stoichiometry Chemistry Stoichiometry


Still very confused

A volume of 15.6 mL of a 0.45 M solution of hydrogen phosphate (or phosphoric acid) reacts completely with 54.7 milliliters of sodium hydroxide. What is the molarity of the sodium hydroxide solution?

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