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Using R script functions generate random samples and calculate sample means. Be sure to solve all 3 parts of this problem.

Please show the R script coding/steps to solve this. Please do all 3 parts of this question!!! Thanks in advance!!! :)Assume that we have a normal population with a mean of 10 and a variance of 22,... more


Solve using R Script to compute a 90% confidence interval for the difference between the average running times of films produced by the two companies

Please solve using R Script and show all coding/steps. Thanks in advance!The following data represent the running times of films produced by two motion-picture companies.There are 2 companies, A and... more


Using R Script please show the coding/steps to find the 95% confidence interval for the mean change in percent return to investors.

Thanks in advance!!! Please show all work/ coding in R Script, so I can try to understand how to solve problems like this later on.Fortune magazine (March 1997) reported the total returns to... more

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