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In python code and it cannot have the range function

Write a program that simulates rolling dice. The most common physical dice have 6 faces, but there are also dice that have 4 faces, 8 faces, 10 faces, 12 faces, and 20 faces. Virtual dice simulated... more


help me because I need help

how do ICollect the user's order in a list.Print the list at the end of the program.Modify your conditionals to provide a response if the user tries to order something not on the menu. Print... more


Python Assignment

The game you will construct here will require user input to appease or defeat the characters above, each of which has a different requirement. To receive full credit for this assignment, your... more
Python Loop


Python activity method

Can somebody help me with my activity? this is the procedure.1.Done with caution2. On the first run of the program, a text (.txt) file will be created. If the .txt file already exists, creation... more


How to calculate score from a list of tuples in Python?

Here I want to calculate the score from a list of tuples. If the answer is Y, it will increment that specific category by 20. This is what I did but it gives the wrong score everytime. Would you... more

Python gradient RGB

I am creating a PYTHON program that outputs a window with a background made up of lines that start at x = 0 and span across the width of the window. What I would like to do is ask the user for... more


Python programing

Create a class called Animal as abstract class with abstract method eat() and make_sound(). Create three class (choose your 3 favourite animal) that inherit from class Animal and override the... more


python programming

Write a class called Patient. Patient should have attributes such as name, age, symptom (in list/tuple form) and diagnosis. Create a constructor and functions to set and get for each attributes.... more


Python: Dictionary

Problem 1 – Analyze the TextWrite a function that takes in a filename, which is the name of the text file you will analyze. The file should be in the same folder/directory as your hw6 Python file.... more

Best Fit Algorithm Help

def BestFit(): boxes = readCSV() num_of_boxes = len(boxes) bin_area = 40 n_bin = 0 area_remaining_in_bins = [] lists = [] for x in range(num_of_boxes): ... more

Psuedocode for converting binary to decimal and decimal to binary.

I am studying python and my question is how to write a pseudocode that explains the steps in converting 1) binary to decimal 2) decimal to binary. (If example needed then binary 1010 to decimal 10)
Python Pandas Numpy


How to change a list of probability to percentile?

How to change a list of probability (0.08, 0.002 ,0.01,0.5.....) to a list of percentile[values from 5 to 100 by 5 (5, 10, 15, ..., 100)]
Python Programming


Python animation game

Using python, if I wanted to make two shapes interact with each other, how would I do that?I am trying to make a simple game from scratch using if/elif/else. What I have done so far is created a... more


Python programming

I am brand new to programming and I have become very confused with an assignment I have. I am looking for some clarification or an example to help me understand how to conduct the question.Write a... more


Python question

I had a quick question regarding python so this line print('{:>3}'.format(self.maze[i][j]), end='')I was wondering what exactly the {:>3} does in this line?thank you

It should display stars, but it gives me an error

I am supposed to let the user enter number of rows and number of columns, but when I enter the rows and columns, it gives me this errorhttps://mrkzgulfup.com/uploads/163354717093041.jpgand it... more
Python Programming


I can't get the table right, could anyone please help me to understand what I am doing wrong

the program is about yard's width and depth, so when I enter the yard's width and the depth, so the width and depth for yard 1 will be in the table above the width and depth for yard 2 if there is... more
Python Java


Python training

Java or Python?which is best??I studied at this tutor but didn't get placementhttps://www.tektaurus.com/course/python-programming-course/
Python Programming


I need to do a 6x6 table on python, I tried to do many things, but non of the ways worked with me.

I need to do a table that has 6x6 in the range of 36, I tried for hours without any luck.this is the last thing that I could do and it also doesn't work, but I think I am in the right... more


Computer Science principles Python question

https://i.stack.imgur.com/DEkYP.pngI could not figure out how to insert a picture so here is the link to the picure.


Write this task in a PyDev module named t01.py. Write and test a program that uses the formula f=9/5c+32 to convert a celsius temperature to fahrenheit

Where: c: is a temperature in degrees celsius f: is a temperature in degrees fahrenheit Water freezes at 32 degrees fahrenheit Both temperatures should be entered/displayed as integers.Ask the... more
Python Programming


python xmas tree

Write python code that produces this output------------ 0 * 1 * * 2 * * * 3 * * * * 4 * * * * * 5 * * * * * * 6 * *... more


write a python program

input: 5output:***************


Alternative for if and conditional statement in python

So my problem is that I need to make a receipt to calculate the total cost and I have been given 2 option each option has different price like for example. first = 5$second= 10$third = 5$fourth =... more

Need help trying with nested list problem

HI! I have a list of lists, and within the nested lists are tuples (representative of (x,y) coordinates). I want the nested lists to represent a bin.list_of_list = [[(2,1),(4,2),(3,1)],... more

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