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How does ほど work in the 〜すれば〜するほど construction?

I understand that 〜すれば〜するほど is used to mean "the more you do ~ the more ~". However, I don't see how this meaning is derived from this sentence pattern. I assume the ば is from the conditional... more


What are the various ways to express 'or' and when are they appropriate?

I'd like to get an idea of when it is appropriate to use different expressions for expressing disjunction (of the inclusive AND exclusive variety). 「AとBとCの中で...」、「どちら」、and 「か] come to mind, but I... more
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State of Matter Change

State Change: Liquid to Solid. Name: Freezing. Energy: Less. Particle Motion: Slower. Heat: Released.   State Change: Gas to Liquid.    State Change: Gas to Solid.   State Change: Solid to... more
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how many grams of sugar would you need to have the same number of particles as 5.0 grams of salt?

I'm having a hard time with my chemistry lab, please help!

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