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Point of View on Following Statement: 100 - 150 words NEED BY TOMORROW

Can someone help me....WRITE A POINT OF VIEW ON THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT. Write about 100-150 words.'We should not waste money exploring outer space when so much of our own planet offers "strange... more


She did_________impossible work.(a/an/the)

She did____ impossible work.


The girl in the red dress or a girl in a red dress

A boy is watching people from a moving car and sees the girl in red heels, the man with his briefcase, the homeless man staring at the ground...Is ‘the’ correct or should it be, a girl....?


Choose article

You are from ___ USA.


Is it a feature article or an essay?

Hello. I am a journalism student and I have to write a feature article. I resit this assignment for the 4th time because my teacher says that my articles are essays, not feature articles. Could you... more

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