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Numerical Integration of area defined by set of coordinates?

Suppose you have a general shape defined by a bunch of coordinate points that form something that looks like a circle, ellipse, or general closed curve - how do you find the area bounded by these... more
Numerical Integration


How to calculate value of log e 1.25

In book , it is calculated by log e^10 1.25 ×2.3 = 0.2287 But I didn't understand why 2.3 is multiplied with 1.25 and how it is calculated?
Numerical Integration Chemical Engineering


n=6 which rule is the best to use simpson 1/3 or 3/8

n=6 which rule is the best to use simpson 1/3 or 3/8
Numerical Integration


integral of log(x)/log(x.(x-6))


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