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Mole Chemistry



1. How many moles of neon atoms are there in 2.0 x 10^23 atoms of neon?2. How many carbon atoms are there in 0.50 mol of C?3. How many hydrogen atoms are there in 4.0 mol of H2O?


Please help! I cannot figure out the steps of going from mass of Hydrogen to moles of carbon in ethanol.

A sample of ethanol (C2H6O) contains 3.024g of hydrogen. How many moles of carbon are in the sample ? Molar Mass of ethanol (C2H6O)=46.07g/mol


How many moles are in 8.6x10^26 molecules of H2O expressed in the correct number of significant figures?

A. 1,400 mil h2oB. 5.2x10^50 mol h2oC. 1.4 mol h20 D. 1.4x10^51 mol h2o


compound contains 3.2% of oxygen the minimum mol weight of the compound is?

pls also explain how you solved this problem.

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