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Find the range of 'a' in the following equations by the number of real roots.

Greetings! Can anyone guide me on how to solve this type of questions? My teacher already gave the solutions for the questions but I can't understand them at all :/Here's the link to the questions... more


I need help on figuring a question out, so I wrote a similar question, please walk me through it so I can solve the actual one

Rena donated a rectangular tent for the Medical Frontliners, which has a volume of (x3 + 11x2 + 39x + 45) cubic meters. What is the length of the rectangular tent if its width and height are both... more


if 0!=1! then what is the actual value of 0 & 1

We know 0!=1 & 1!=1 . So 0!=1!, Here its seen that The value of 0 & 1 is Same. But this is Wrong. There must be difference between the Value of 0 & 1. There what value do they signify?

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