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The length of a rectangle is two more than the width. If the perimeter is 100? feet, what is the length and? width?

I have forgotten how to write the formula out in order to solve this equation.
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how do you solve this?

Carlos and Ashley each improved their yards by planting daylilies and ivy.They bought their supplies from the same store.Carlos spent $230 on 14 daylilies and 10 pots of ivy.Ashley spent $118 on 10... more
Math Equation


What are the steps to solve the equation: -5=6p-3+4

Make sure to put in the answer!  Thanks for answering! :D


solve using substitution

3x+5y=0 2x-5y=-25 
Math Equation


How many more?

I have 8 times as many rocks as marbles.  I have 686 more rocks than marbles.  How many marbles do I have?  how many rocks?  
Math Equation


[-4+5]-3{[-3-2]-[10+7-9]+1}, I need to know the correct answer to know if i have done it in the correct order, thank you

I need to know the correct answer to know if i have done it in the correct order, thank you
Math Equation



The "x/-2" is a fraction.  


13/16 - 18/-16

subtract. Simplify if possible 
Math Equation


What is the value of the expression ? Express your answer in both scientific and standard notation.

  6 x 10 -4 ________   2x 103
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How do you find the length of legs on a trapezoid if you have the 2 bases

hi everyone! I was wondering if you could pleaseee help me
Math Equation


lunch is 3 hours

The Pizza Palace makes 30 pizzas every 2 hours to accommodate the lunch crowd.If lunch lasts 3 hours, how many pizzas does Pizza Palace make


A tricky Word problem on my homework

Can anyone advise on how to setup these word problems...   1) A biker and a motor cycler left from the same location at the same time, and in the same direction. The biker went at the speed of... more


Select the x-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola defined by the function f(x) = -9x2 + 5x + 9.

A. -9/5 B. 9 C. 5/18 D. -5/9

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