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Sales Math Formula

How do a create a mathamatical formula for a chain sales to turn buyers into sellers that offers bring 3 clients get 50% off.
Math Formula


What is the math formula to get 100% for a 1 to 5 star rating, accounting for number of reviews?

Scenario: Parents are rating a school. What would the math formula be to score 100%? What would the math formula be to score 50%? Parent Rating 1 star=bad and 5 stars=goodAdjust accuracy for the... more
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How would you find profit based on seeds per acre and seeds per pound?

We are doing a project and would like to make the most profit from our product. Our product is a new type of seed for farmers. Our price is set at $150 per one pound of seeds. Therefore, we would... more
Math Formula


d/2 + f/4 = 6, solve for f

Solve each formula for the specified variable
Math Formula


3(2j-k) = 108, solve for j

solve each formula for the specified variable
Math Formula


2xy = x + 7, solve for X

Need to solve each formula for the specified variable

I am having trouble getting the answer to the miles in math homework

When Fritz drives to work his trip takes 30 ?minutes, but when he takes the train it takes 20 minutes. Find the distance Fritz travels to work if the train travels an average of 12 miles per hour... more
Math Formula


250% of $210,000

250% commission of $210,000 - I don't know who to figure this out but I was told it was $43,750. What does the math formula look like?  
Math Formula



I have 25 boxes of paper at 2.99 a box.  for the month of january i spent 74.75 on them. so now i need to find a formula to get a percentage out of 100 for the paper that i have.

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