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Infinite Series Calculus Calculus 2 Convergence


Why isn't this series convergent?

Hello! I'm trying to solve the following series through the alternating series test:cos(n pi) / n^(1/n), with the series starting at 1 and going to infinity. I started by finding the first... more
Infinite Series Math


What is the sum of the reciprocals of this infinite series involving powers of 2 and squares?

I can't seem to find this solution online. What is the sum of the reciprocals of the infinite series 2 to the power of squares? If I'm asking that right... I mean 1/(2^(n^2)) + 1/(2^((n+1)^2)) +... more


!!!!!algebra 2 question! need help ASAP!!!!!!

Explain why we can have a converging infinite series when 0 < r < 1. Hint: Use "sum of a finite geometric series" as a basis for your explanation.                                           ... more
Infinite Series


What is the sum of the following infinite series? 2 + 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8...

a 3 b 6 c 5 d 4
Infinite Series Telescoping Series


Does this telescoping series converge or diverge? if it converges, what is the sum?

  ∑ ((n/n+1) - (n+2/n+3)) = ?   converges to -5/6   how do you cancel out the terms to find the sum?
Infinite Series


Discuss the convergence of the following series whose nth term is given below:2^n-1/3^n+1

This is in the comparison test  
Infinite Series Algebra


Write 0.38 as a fraction

There's an overline on number 8 which makes it infinite.
Infinite Series


How to format a worded problem into an infinite series

You have two 1 liter containers, the first contains oil while the second contains vinegar. You also have 2 spoons, each can scoop out k liters of liquid between each vessel. That is you take a... more
Infinite Series Math Calculus Math Question


If ''a'' is a convergent serie and limSn=s (x approaches infinite). Is limS(n-1)=s and why?

Does the sum changes in this case and does the limit change too?
Infinite Series Geometric Series


Does the following infinite geometric series diverge or converge? Explain. (MULTIPLE CHOICE CHOOSE ONE)

7 + 21 + 63 + 189 + . . .   a. It converges; it does not have a sum.b. It diverges; it does not have a sum.c. It diverges; it has a sum.d. It converges; it has a sum.


sequence/series question. PLEASE HELP!!!!

What is 32nd term if given the following      X                 Y   1                  1 2                  3 3                  6 4                  10     Please help!!!!. I can see... more
Infinite Series Precalculus Sum


Finding sum of infinite series.

finding the sum of the following infinite series   a) 2,-4,8,-16,... b)3,9,27,81,... c)60,30,15,...   Final exam coming up and I'm stressing thanks so much
Infinite Series


infinite sum of 3/e^n + 2/(n(n+1))

I evaluated the first part as a geometric series and the second part with an integral test. I got r = 1/e for the first part and -2ln(2) for the integral of the second part. I'm not sure how to... more
Infinite Series


infinity series?? each one is hard for me :(

Find the sums of the following infinite series. Write your answer as a reduced fraction: 0.58 + 0.58^2 + 0.58^3 + ... Find the sums of the following infinite series. Write your answer as a... more
Infinite Series


infinity series??

Find the sums of the following infinite series. Write your answer as a reduced fraction: 0.16 + 0.16^2 + 0.16^3 + ...       Find the sums of the following infinite series. Write your answer as... more
Infinite Series Series Calculus 2


Calc 2 Questions

Hi,   We are currently finishing our chapter on Series in class, and I am having a little trouble with the homework, especially these types of problems (error bound problems). I really do not... more
Infinite Series


I can't understand how the infinity concept plays into this.

The value of the infinite product: 2^1/5 * 4^1/25 * 8^1/125 * 16^1/625 * ... can be expressed in simplest radical form as the nth root of a to the b power. Compute n+a+b.   I got up to the point... more
Infinite Series


infinite series

sum the infinite series 1^2/0!+2^2/1!+3^2/2!+4^2/3!
Infinite Series Geometry


Find the sum of the infinate Geometric series

Infinite Series


help finding the sum of infinite series

  how do I find the sum of the following infinite series:     1.  1/2 + 1 + 2 + 4......   2.  9 - 3 + 1 - 1/3 + 1/9 .....     thanks

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