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Fibonacci Sequence


What is the X in the following sequence of fibonacci numbers? 15 16 19 28 43 68 103 X

15 16 19 28 43 68 103 X
Fibonacci Sequence


Fibonacci sequence f28=317,811 f30=832,040 what is f29?

Fibonacci sequence f28=317,811 f30=832,040 what is f29?


Prove formula for sum of Fibonacci sequence numbers by mathematical induction.

We need to prove the following using proof by induction. I don't want the actual answer if you can avoid it, I just can't figure out how to do it because when I do it how my notes read I am... more
Fibonacci Sequence Math


Fibonacci numbers

FN denotes the Nth fibonacci number.   Given the following fact: (F1 + F2 + F3 + F4 + ..... + FN) + 1 = FN+2   How would I verify this fact?   For example, verify this fact if N = 11.
Fibonacci Sequence Math Integers Math Word Problem


Fibonacci numbers

Find integers N and M (other than N = 1, M = 1) satisfying:   a) the equation FN = M2   b) the equation FN = (FM)3
Fibonacci Sequence Higher Numbers


Fibonacci: other golden ratios for higher numbers?

I just want to know what this property that I'm about to show is called. So I'm not a mathematician and this may sound dumb :) but I was looking over a Fibonacci article yesterday and studied it's... more
Fibonacci Sequence Geometric Sequence Sequences Series


sequence/series question. PLEASE HELP!!!!

What is 32nd term if given the following      X                 Y   1                  1 2                  3 3                  6 4                  10     Please help!!!!. I can see... more
Fibonacci Sequence


The first 12 terms of the fibonacci sequence are:1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144.

Look for a pattern in the following information that will allow you to predict answer to 1+1+2+3+5+...+144. 1+1=  3-1 = 2   1+1+2=  5-1 =4   1+1+2+3=  8-1 =7   1+1+2+3+5=  13-1 =12
Fibonacci Sequence C Computer Programming Programming


Computer Architect questions: C TO MIPS

a)Assume the following C code. Translate both functions to MIPS using the caller callee conventions as presented in class. Do not translate the print statement:int main(){ int g=0; /*global... more
Fibonacci Sequence


List the first eight terms of the sequence formed by finding the differences of successive terms in the Fibonacci sequence

List the first 8 terms of the sequence formed by finding the differences of successive terms

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