Lily S.

asked • 08/02/18

!!!!!algebra 2 question! need help ASAP!!!!!!

  1. Explain why we can have a converging infinite series when 0 < r < 1. Hint: Use "sum of a finite geometric series" as a basis for your explanation.                                                                                                                                                 
  2. John begins a savings account as follows. On week 1, he puts 1 penny in his bank, on Week 2, he puts in 2 pennies, in Week 3 he puts in 3 pennies, etc. Write an equation that will model how much money he has saved after 'n' weeks and use it to find the amount of money that he will save in one year. How much money did he put in his bank during the final week? Show all work.

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Andy C. answered • 08/02/18

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