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Calculus 1 problem

A revolving searchlight on an island 8 miles from shore turns at the rate of 5 revolutions per minute in the clockwise direction. At what speed is the light beam travelling along the straight... more
Revolutions Physics


How many Revolutions

The radius of the front wheel of Lisa's bike is 59cm.Lisa goes for a cycle and travels 40.41km.How many full revolutions did Lisa's front wheel complete?
Revolutions Math Physics Mathmatics


Physics: What is the tangential velocity, and how many revolutions?

The new blade on my table saw has a radius of 15.0 cm. My table saw has a maximum speed of 3750 rpm. If it takes 2.50 seconds to get up to this final speed, what is the tangential velocity of the... more
Revolutions Math Physics Mathmatics


Physics: What is her momentum of Inertia?

A figure skater can increase her angular velocity from a speed of 2.00 revolutions in 3.00 seconds to 5.00 revolutions in 2.00 seconds by bringing her arms in. If her moment of inertia was 4.60 kg... more

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