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Diameter Of Circles Area Of A Circle


Calculate the area to be resurfaced. Answer in square metres to the nearest whole number.

The traffic roundabout has a circular garden in the centre and two lanes for traffic encircling the garden. The diameter of the garden is 16 metres and each lane is 3 metres wide. Each lane is to... more
Diameter Of Circles


How many square units are in 16.8 units?

Diameter: 16.8 units  
Diameter Of Circles Inches Volume Of A Sphere Diameter


Determine how much more air is needed to fill a ball with a diameter of 12in than a ball with a diameter of 9.5in round to the nearest cubic in.

Didnt quite get how to round to nearest cubic inch.
Diameter Of Circles Conversion Diameter


A cylindrical pop can has a volume of 355ml. Determine, to the nearest 0.1m, the diameter of the can if the height is 12.0cm

 Don't understand to the nearest 0.1cm would appreciate explanation
Diameter Of Circles Precalculus Equation Math Help


Find the equation of the circle?

a diameter of a circle has endpoints (2,3) and (4,5).
Diameter Of Circles


How many small pancakes will Grandma's recipe make?

Grandma has an old family recipe for blueberry pancakes.She can make 8 pancakes that are each 10 inches in diameter. Grandma decided that the pancakes were way too large for her grandchildren and... more
Diameter Of Circles


Help with question please.

Can someone please help me with this question. I have no idea how to solve this question nor know the formula on which I am supposed to be using to solve this equation. The one thing I do know is... more
Diameter Of Circles


How many rotations does one wheel make between checks if he rides exactly 500 miles?

A cyclist checks the air pressure of his 18-inch-diameter wheels every 500 miles during a cycling trip. How many rotations does one wheel make between checks if he rides exactly 500 miles? (Hint:... more
Diameter Of Circles Area Of A Circle


The tire of a toy car has a diameter of 9 cm. The inner wheel has a circumference of 6 pi cm. What is the area of the tire?

A word problem of grade 9 geometry. It asks about area by giving the diameter and circumference. 
Diameter Of Circles Geometry Geometry Circles


how to find the diameter using the a length across a circle

I have to find the diameter of a pond in a question and i know only that a log that is across it is 16 ft long and the distance from that log perpendicular to the side of the circle measures 4ft.... more
Diameter Of Circles


how do you find the diameter if you know what the circumference is?

Since you know the circumference is about 56.How do you find the diameter?
Diameter Of Circles Equations Radius


if the radius of a circle is 3cm and 5x+1 represents the length of the diameter how do i write an equation for x

i am in 7th grade and i learned this a while ago and am now doing corrections and i need full steps on how to do it
Diameter Of Circles


number revolutions a bike wheel makes

the diameter of a bike wheel is 2 feet.  How many revolutions does the wheel make to travel 2 kilometers?  1 km = 3,280 ft.
Diameter Of Circles Area Of A Circle


Diameter of a pizza is 14 inches and each slice has an area of 14.125 inches. How many slices can I get out of the pizza?

If I know the diameter of a pizza is 14 inches, how do I figure out how many slices I can get if each slice has an area of 14.125 Inches?
Diameter Of Circles Conic Sections


find (h,k) and r of the circle (2x^2)-4x+(2y^2)-10y-10x=0

conic systems circles
Diameter Of Circles


What will be the diameter of the circle with seven chords 1.25 inches in length.

I want to draw seven pointed stars on my wall representing the Southern Cross. Thanks Richard.

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