Davina D.

asked • 03/04/16

Help with question please.

Can someone please help me with this question. I have no idea how to solve this question nor know the formula on which I am supposed to be using to solve this equation. The one thing I do know is part b on finding the center point C of the circle which I listed below.
Points (-7,5) and (-3,1) are endpoints of the diameter of a circle.
a) What is the length of the diameter? Give the exact answer, simplified as much as possible.
b) What is the center point C of the circle?
-3+(-7)/2                       1+5/2
-10/2                                6/2
=-5                                      =3
Center of the circle would be (-5,3)
c) Given the point C you found in part (b), state the point symmetric to C about the y-axis.

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Alan G. answered • 03/04/16

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