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4 Answered Questions for the topic Equation Of Circle

Equation Of Circle Geometry


the equation of a circle is ______ what are the coordinates of the center and the length of the radius of this circle?

equation- x2+y2-6y+1=0
Equation Of Circle


question is in the description

A rock dropped into a pond sends out a circular ripple whose radius increases steadily at 6cm/s. A toy boat is floating on the pond 2m east and 1 m north of the spot where the rock is dropped. How... more
Equation Of Circle Calculus Point Of Intersection


What is the point of intersection and distance of line 3x+4y=10 and (-1,-3)?

Find the equation of the circle with its center at (-1,-3) and tangent to the line through the point (-2,4) and (2,1). 
Equation Of Circle Calculus


Please help with calculus question regarding circles

the equation for the general form of a circle is 2x2 +8x +2y2 -y -2 . I have done this problem countless times and cannot for the life of me get the radius. I have found h = -2 and k = 1/8. Can... more

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