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Surface Area & Volume


Find the height of the cone.

The value of the surface area (in square centimeters) of the cone is equal to the value of the volume (in cubic centimeter) of the cone. The formula for the surface area S of a right cone is... more
Surface Area & Volume


spheres and cubes

a cube has the side lengths of 14cm, with a volume of 2744cm  What is the largest possible diameter of a sphere?
Surface Area & Volume


surface area and volume

Coffee is sold in two different-sized canisters. The smaller canister has a diameter of 9 cm and a height of 12 cm. The larger canister is double the size of the small canister. Calculate the... more
Surface Area & Volume


word question

How much extra snow would a child need to take a snowball with a diameter of 8 cm and increase its size to a snowball with a diameter of 12 cm?
Surface Area & Volume


Word Question

An outdoor hockey rink has dimensions of 8 m long by 5 m wide. The wood surrounding the rink will allow ice to have a height of 20 cm. Calculate the volume (or amount) of ice needed to create this... more
Surface Area & Volume Geometry Ratios Surface Area


two cubes have volumes of 64 cubic feet and 216 cubic feet. what is the ratio of the surface area of the smaller cube to the surface area of the larger cube?

apparently i have to add details so um usually when i do ratio i do it in a fraction small/big instead of the standard small:big just because im lazy and my teachers fine with it lmao but if u... more
Surface Area & Volume


a rectangular pyramid has 3 triangular sides

is it true or fulse
Surface Area & Volume


A right rectangular prism

A right rectangular prism is 5 1/4 in. wide, 12 1/2 in. long, and 4 in. tall.What is the volume of the prism?A. 50  in3B.65 5/8  in3C.260  in3D.262 1/2  in3

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