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4 Answered Questions for the topic saludos


What does "que lo que" ("klk" in chat) mean?

Whenever I talk to a friend (Dominican I believe) via chat like Gtalk, he always starts the conversation with:> klkI did some research about that and found that, in fact, it comes from the... more
Saludos Spanish Plurales


Why "buenas noches" when it's only one night?

Why do we say *buenas noches* and *buenas tardes* when they refer to only one night/afternoon?----------¿Por quĂ© se dice "buenas noches" y "buenas tardes" cuando se refieren solo a una... more


Translation of "Welcome back!"?

In English, if someone has been gone for a while and has recently returned, it's common to greet them by saying, "Welcome back!" (or "Welcome back from your trip!", etc). What is the most natural... more


Bueno as hello or greeting?

In the US State I live in, I sometimes hear Spanish speakers greet one another by simply staying "Bueno". I didn't hear this when I was recently in Mexico, although I realize I may just have not... more

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