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Modismos Spanish


What does "a la orden" mean?

A friend of mine from Argentina keeps saying to me "a la orden" and I asked her what it meant and she couldn't explain it. What does it mean? I would guess it means `okay`?
Modismos Spanish Vocabulario


Translation of "bug" to Spanish?

What is the best way to translate "bug", as in a misfeature of a computer program or device?Google translate offers a few options, none of which quite seem to fit, except the term itself:- bug ... more


How to translate the idiom: "missing the point"?

What would be the correct way to translate into Spanish the idiom: "to miss the point"?I'm often tempted to write "perder el punto", but it doesn't sound quite right.For example: "To bring... more


Equivalent expression for "straw that broke the camel's back"?

Is there an equivalent phrase in Spanish for "the straw that broke the camel's back"? The phrase usually refers to to the final thing that is added to a bunch of things to cause a large reaction... more


Are there any differences between "de nada" and "por nada"?

Most of the time in all the Spanish speaking countries I've been in I've heard ***de nada*** as the reply to *gracias* or the equivalent of English *you're welcome* etc.But after a while I became... more


How do you say "I got you!" in Spanish?

If I threw a snowball (or dodgeball) at someone and it hit them, how would I say :> I got you!in Spanish?


Que si, Que no" incorrecto o agresivo como respuesta a una pregunta?

Mande a un amigo esta frase (en el medio de una conversacion mas larga) ***Que si, lo he probado*** Me ha respondido mi amigo ***cuando dices 'que si;', es incorrecto, ademas suena 'agresivo',... more

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