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Definition of 'escuela' and 'colegio'?

Spanish has two generic words for *school*: **escuela** and **colegio**. I have heard different explanations for what phases of schooling each word refers to. For example, I've been told that... more
Definiciones Spanish Vocabulario


Bonita, linda, hermosa, bella, and guapa: what's the difference?

I've seen all of these used to mean 'pretty', although 'hermosa' seems to mean beautiful and 'guapa' seems to mean handsome. Are there any subtle differences them? For instance, in English being... more
Definiciones Spanish Subjuntivo


Difference between -iera and -iese ending of the imperfect subjunctive?

There are two forms of the imperfect subjunctve in use, for example, pudiera, pudieras, pudiera, pudiéramos, pudierais, pudieranand pudiese, pudieses, pudiese, pudiésemos, pudieseis,... more
Definiciones Spanish False Friend


True meaning of "por cierto"?

I have always thought of the expression of "por cierto" as meaning "certainly" or "surely." It certainly "looks" that way (for certainly). And even Google Translate gives it that meaning, as well... more
Definiciones Spanish Gramática


Cual es el anilisis gramatical de "Como me le va?"?

Vivo en Colombia y con cierta frecuencia escucho la pregunta "Como me le va?" pero nadie me puede explicar porque se usa "me" en este caso.

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