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Question #1 If 23.67 mL of a solution of Ba(OH)2 requires 15.05 mL of a 1.082 M solution of HNO3 for complete titration, what is the molarity of Ba(OH)2 solution?  answer in units of... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Equilibrium


Equilibrium Constant

The basic question I am asking is how does varying the initial concentrations of reactant(s) in a chemical reaction affect the equilibrium constant. What I have so far is:   Using this basic... more
Ap Chemistry


What mass of HgBr2 can be produced from the reaction of 5.00mL mercury (density= 13.6g/ml) and 5.00mL bromine (density= 3.10g/ml)?

Is Hg the limiting reactant? 
Ap Chemistry Stoichiometry



42g of aluminum perchlorate are reacted with 75g of sodium thiocyanate. 1)What is the mass of the precipitate? 2)What are the espectator ions, and how many individual ions are there?  
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Chem


Ionic Size

I really don't understand what this is asking... please help.   1.) As you move left to right across the period, there are two elements that instead show a decrease in ionization energy. Identify... more


Percent Composition Problems

I need a brief example on how to solve Percent Composition probs please. Oh and btw how I can I tell when a compound is ionic or covalent ?  
Ap Chemistry


diffusion of gasses

I have a problem that I am working on, but I don't know the reason why the answer is what it is. Explanation please?   The experimental apparatus represented above is used to demonstrate the... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Gas Laws


AP chem gases

Gas (A) Methane, (B) Ethane, (C) Propane, (D) Butane
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Gas Laws


AP chem gases

    D. HBr and NH3
Ap Chemistry


how do you calculate lattice energy of an ionic compound

The question is "The lattice energies of FeCl3, FeCl2, and Fe2O3 are -2631,-5359, and -14,774 kJ/mol (in no particular order). Match the appropriate formula to the energy and explain. My question... more
Ap Chemistry


how do you find the bonding orbitals in central atom?

We are doing molecular geometry and I don't understand how to figure it out
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Chemistry lab question spectroscopy percent brass in copper

my lab: Percent Copper in Brass by using spectroscopyI have Copper(II) nitrate solution Copper(II) sulfate solution Iron(III) nitrate solution Iron(III) chloride solution Zinc nitrate... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Chemistry lab question:

my lab: Percent Copper in Brass by using spectroscopy I have Copper(II) nitrate solution            Copper(II) sulfate solution           Iron(III) nitrate solution           Iron(III) chloride... more
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