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What are the possible meanings of “quand même”?

Many times per day I hear the phrase “quand même”. I have looked it up and I know there are several possible translations, such as “even so”, “all the same”, “anyway”. What are other possible... more


J'ai bien peur que tu n'aies raison: faut-il mettre le mot « ne » ?

Doit-on dire:> J'ai bien peur que tu aies raison.ou> J'ai bien peur que tu n'aies raison.----Should the word *ne* be used in the sentence above? What's the difference?


However in French: Cependant, pourtant, toutefois, néanmoins, en revanche, par contre?

Since yesterday I have been looking at a few dictionaries and forums online, looking for different words in French that mean "however". I want to learn about their usage. But I'm still confused... more
Adverbes French Negation Usage


When to use "pas" vs. "non" in expressing "not [adjective/adverb]"?

Sometimes I see it written one way, such as *non seulement* for *not only*, and sometimes the other way, with *pas*. When to use which? Is there a difference? Are they interchangeable?I don't mean... more

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