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What languages are perceived as classy or fancy to French speakers?

In English, this might be demonstrated by using the word *boutique* rather than *shop*, or by saying *au contraire* rather than *on the contrary*, because to English speakers French is commonly... more
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Le français est-il la langue la plus rapide?

Quand j'étais gosse, je m'amusais avec mes amis à mimer les touristes qu'on rencontrait et à faire semblant de parler des langues étrangères. Quand il s'agissait du français, je me rappelle bien... more
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Where did French's silent ending consonants come from?

The abundance of silent ending consonants in French totally separates its pronunciation from the other Romance languages-- neither Spanish, nor Portuguese, nor Italian, nor Latin have that feature... more
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Does 'bon marché' have the same connotation of "low quality" as 'cheap' in English?

Somehow *bon marché* and *économique* sound positive to me, as some kind of praise. In English *cheap* has a connotation of *not good*. It can be used for an expensive thing but not well made. Am I... more

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