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find the slope of 0.2x+2.3=1.4y

i dont know how to solve questions like these with decimals

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.2x + 2.3 = 1.4y

we want to put in the form: y = mx + b

1.4y = .2x + 2.3

we divide both sides by 1.4 to get the coefficient of y to 1

(1.4y)/1.4 = (.2/1.4)x + (2.3/1.4)

y = (2/14)x + (23/14)

since the coefficient of the x variable is the slope, therefore:

m = 2/14 or 1/7

m = 1/7



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The regular equation for something like this is y=mx+b in which the "m" is the slope. In this case, the slope would be 0.2/1.4 or 0.1/0.7 if reduced. This is because to get y by itself, you must divide all the coefficients on both sides by 1.4. So in y=mx+b form, the equation would look like: y=(.2/1.4)x+(2.3/1.4) The slope is approximately 0.143