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rewrite the point-slope equation in standard form y-1 =1/3(x+2)

should i convert it to slope-int form first or expand it?? I'm not sure how to solve this

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The standard form of a line is Ax+By=C and we want to make sure A, B and C are integers (whole numbers). We also want A to be positive. You currently have a fraction in your problem so I would suggest multiplying by 3 on both sides as your first step so you can get rid of the fraction and only deal with whole numbers. At this point you will have 3y-3=x+2. There is still some rearranging to do. We want the x and y on one side of the equation and the numbers on the other side. Remember A must be positive so we can subtract the 3y to the other side and get -3=x+2-3y. We also need to subtract the 2 and we end up with -5=x-3y or you can turn it around to look like x-3y=-5 :)