Monzerrath M.

asked • 10/15/22

Ba(NO3)2, Mg(NO3)2, and AgNO3

Let's say that you start with an aqueous solution of various compounds and you want to separate them. The strategy consists of choosing a chemical that will selectively precipitate one component of the mixture at a time. You separate the precipitate by physical methods (e.g. filtration, centrifugation), and then continue reacting the rest of the mixture with another chemical that will selectively precipitate another component, and so forth.

For this exercise, let's say that you begin with an aqueous mixture containing the following compounds: Ba(NO3)2, Mg(NO3)2, and AgNO3

You also have separate solutions, one of each:  K2SO4 (aq), KCl (aq), and KOH (aq) Let's call these the challenge reagents.

Your task is to propose a step-by-step procedure for sequentially separating the cations in your mixture. You must include

  1. What challenge reagent to add,
  2. Which cation will precipitate,
  3. What is the equation for that reaction, and
  4. How will you separate the precipitate from the rest of the mixture so you can go on to the next challenge reagent.

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