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Can someone please check over my answers to these Chemistry questions?

1. Force per unit of area is the definition of _______.

A. standard temperature and pressure

B. pressure

C. vapor pressure

D. volume

E. None of the Above

 2. The ideal gas constant R can be denoted as _______.

A. R = 9.315 (Pa × m3) / (mole × K)

B. R = 9.315 J / (mole × K)

C. R = 0.0821 (L × atm) / (mole × K)

D. All of the Above

E. None of the Above

 3. The theoretically lowest possible temperature is _______.

A. 0 K

B. –273.15 oC

C. the temperature at which the volume of a gas is reduced to zero

D. All of the Above

E. None of the Above


4. A balloon contains 46.3 L of Helium at 42 oC, and 2.01 atm is released into the air. At a certain altitude, the temperature falls to 21 oC, and the pressure falls to 0.25 atm. What is the volume of the balloon under these conditions?

A. 3.5 L

B. 35.0 L

C. 350 L

D. 3500 L

E. None of the Above

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