Jesset C.

asked • 07/17/21

Can someone please check-over my answers to these Chemistry problems?

1. What is the molality of a solution in which 1.50 × 102 g of Magnesium Nitrate, Mg(NO3)2, are dissolved in 400.0 g of warm water?

A. 0.5 m

B. 0.5 M

C. 2.53 m

D. 2.53 M

E. None of the Above


2. How many grams of CaCl2 are needed to make a solution with a concentration of 3.0 m from 2.25 kg of water?

A. 74.9 g CaCl2

B. 749.9 kg CaCl2

C. 7.50 kg CaCl2

D. 7.5 x 102 g CaCl2

E. 7.5 × 10–2 g CaCl2


3. What is the molality of a solution made from 1.56 moles of KCl and 1.22 kg of water at 200 oF?

A. 1.28 m

B. 1.28 M

C. 12.84 m

D. 12.84 M

E. All of the Above


4. For the reaction KOH (aq) + HCN (aq) → H2O (l) + KCN (aq), what volume of HCN at 2.00 M would be required in order to make 33.0 g of KCN, when there is more HCN than needed?

A. 25.3 L

B. 2.53 L

C. 0.253 L

D. 0.0253 L

E. 2.53 mL

1 Expert Answer


J.R. S.

@Dr Bob: not sure where you got 0.8 kg of solvent. Problem states 400 g water = 0.4 kg


Robert S.

Thanks, J.R. S. - you are correct. I'll make the change.


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