Jesset C.

asked • 07/17/21

Are my answers to these Chemistry problems correct?

1. What is the molality of a solution formed when 80.0 moles of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) are mixed with 5.4 kg of water?

A. 1.5 M

B. 1.5 m

C. 14.8 m

D. 14.8 M

E. None of the Above


2. For the reaction 3Na2SO4 (aq) + 2Al(NO3)3 (aq) → Al2(SO4)3 (s) + 6NaNO3 (aq), adding 960.0 ml of 5.20 M Aluminum Nitrate to excess Sodium Sulfate will produce how many grams of Aluminum Sulfate?

A. 4.99 mol Al(NO3)3

B. 856 mol Al2(SO4)3

C. 296.4 g Al2(SO4)3

D. 499 g Al(NO3)3

E. None of the Above


3. Calculate the freezing point of a solution formed when 55.0 g of NH3 are mixed with 820.0 g of water. (NOTE: NH3 does not dissolve into multiple ions; each molecule dissolves as an individual whole. Also, the Kf of water is 1.86 oC/m.)

A. –14.3 oC

B. –7.33 oC

C. 0.00 oC

D. 7.33 oC

E. 14.3 oC


4. For the reaction NaBr (aq) + AgNO3 (aq) → AgBr (s) + NaNO3 (aq), how many liters of 4.5 M Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) would be required in order to mix with adequate Sodium Bromide (NaBr) to produce 250.0 g of Silver Bromide (AgBr)?

A. 0.25 mL NaNO3

B. 0.25 L NaNO3

C. 0.30 mL AgNO3

D. 0.30 L AgNO3

E. None of the Above


5. Water in a hot tub is maintained at 100.4 oF, and contains several solid solutes to keep it safe. What will happen if the temperature is permitted to fall significantly?

A. It will get cloudy and fill with a fine solid.

B. It will become unsafe to occupy.

C. The water level will rise significantly.

D. Oxygen will bubble out of the water.

E. Hydrogen will bubble out of the water.

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Stanton D. answered • 07/19/21

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