Jesset C.

asked • 07/10/21

Are my answers to these Chemistry problems correct? I know it's a lot, but I just want to make sure I don't get them wrong. I would really appreciate the help!

My answers to these problems are in bold.

What is the concentration of an Ammonia (NH3) solution when 25.0 g of Ammonia are dissolved in enough water to produce 650.0 mL of solution?

A. 2.26 M

B. 0.719 moles

C. 1.47 M

D. 1.47 moles

E. None of the Above

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of HF with water?

A. 2HF + H2O → OH + H3F2

B. HF + H2O → H3O + F2

C. 2HF + H2O → OH+ + H3F2–

D. HF + H2O → H3O+ + F–

E. None of the Above


Molarity is _______.

A. moles of substance / liters of solution

B. moles of substance / milliliters of solution

C. liters of solution / moles of substance

D. milliliters of substance / moles of solution

E. None of the Above

What is the general equation for the reaction between an acid and an ionic base?

A. Acid + Base → Water

B. Acid + Base → Ionic Compound

C. Acid + Base → Ionic Compound + Water

D. Acid + Base → Covalent Compound

E. Acid + Base → Covalent Compound + Water



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