Jesset C.

asked • 07/10/21

Are my answers to these Chemistry problems correct?

For the following questions, give the molar concentration (M) for each of the solutions indicated. (My answers are in bold.)

2.22 moles of HCl are dissolved in enough water to make 1.5 liters of solution.

A. 1.0 M

B. 1.25 M

C. 1.5 M

D. 2.0 M

E. 2.5 M


23.1 grams of NaOH are dissolved in enough water to make 1,000.0 mL of solution.

A. 0.577 L

B. 0.577 M

C. 5.77 L

D. 5.77 M

E. Atoms can join together only in simple, whole-number ratios.


29.0 grams of H2CO3 are dissolved in enough water to make 700.0 mL of solution.

A. 0.468 L

B. 0.468 moles/liter

C. 62.02 g/mole

D. 0.668 L

E. 0.668 M

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