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asked • 07/03/21

Linear function and application.

A non government organization launched a program which aimed to maximize the use of recyclable materials and reduce plastic waste in that environment. Your village was chosen to be a participant of the said program. For consecutive weeks until the end of the program, the NGO visits your village and weighs your plastic bottle collection.

Week (x)= 1

Weighs in kilograms (y)= 15

Week (x) = 2

Weighs in kilograms (y) = 30

Week (x) = 3

Weighs in kilograms (y)= 45

Week (x)=4

Weighs in kilograms (y)= 60

Week (x)=5

Weighs in kilograms (y)= 75

a. What type of relation is presented?

b. Does this relation represent of function?

c. what is the domain of the relation?

d. What is the range of the relation?

e.Does it have an x-intercept? If yes, what are the y-intercepts? If no, why?

f. Does it have an y-intercept? If yes, what are the x-intercepts? If no, why?

g. If the program ends after 16 weeks, how many kilograms of plastic bottles where are you able to collect?

h. If the target of your village is to collect 255 kg plastic bottles how many weeks would you need?

i. If there are more programs similar to this in your village, would you participate? Why?

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