Olga J.

asked • 12/28/12

Linear Algebra

. Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Justify your answer.
(a) If Ax=b has infinitely many solutions, then so does Ax=0

(b) If Ax=b is inconsistent, then Ax=0 has only the trivial solution
(c) The fewest number of hyperplanes in R4 that can intersect in a single point is four
(d) If W is any plane in R3, there is a linear system in three unknowns whose solution set is that plane.
(e) If Ax=b is consistent, then every vector in the solution set is orthogonal to every row vector of A.

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Matthias H. answered • 12/29/12

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Math and Statistics Tutor

Olga J.

(c) a linear system is consistent if and only if b is in the column space of A ? I am not sure:( 



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