Mikal T.

asked • 06/23/21

Limiting reagents

Fe2O3 + 3CO = 2Fe +3CO2

If you react 2829g of Fe2O3 with unlimited CO. How many grams of Fe do you obtain ?

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Christian K.

Brian did a great job explaining this problem, but he left out the very last step. Since the question asks us to calculate the number of grams of iron, we need to convert the moles of Fe to grams using the molar mass of iron. As previously stated, every mole of Fe has a mass of 55.847 g (from the periodic table). Thus: 35.52 mol Fe x 55.847 g/mol = 1947 g (4 sig figs)


Mikal T.

In situation above you actually obtained 1657g of Fe. What is the percentage yield?


Brian C.

Thanks Christian, oversight on my end! In order to obtain the percent yield, you divide the actual yield -- what you got-- by the theoretical yield -- the maximum you could obtain. Then, you multiply that number by 100. So in this example, your actual yield is 1657g, and your theoretical yield is 1947g. 1657/1947 = 0.8512, which you then multiply by 100 to get 85.12%


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