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2.     Consider the following heterogeneous equilibrium.

       CaCO3 (s)                  CaO (s) + CO2 (g)


         At 800  the pressure of CO2 in 0.23 atm, calculate (a) Kp and (b) Kc for the reaction at this temperature.

                                     Kp     = PCO2

                                            = 0.236

1.  Consider the following equilibrium at 295K

NH4HS (s)                   NH3 (g) + H2S (g)

         The partial pressure of each gas is 0.265 atm. Calculate Kp and Kc for         the reaction.

2.  2A(g) +  B(g)                C (g)

When 1.0 mol A and 0.75 mol B were allowed to achieve equilibrium at 65 C. In a container of 1 dm3 capacity, the equilibrium mixture was found to contain 0.7mol A and 0.6 mol B. Calculate Kc at 65 C.

3.  Write the expression for Kp for the following reaction.

N2(g)   +   3H2           2NH3 (g)       H = -184 kJmol-1

State and explain the effect (if any) of the following changes on the Kp and the amount of ammonia in the equilibrium mixture.

(a) Temperature is decreased

(b) Increasing pressure

(c) Addition of iron catalyst

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