Negin K.

asked • 06/01/21

chemistry quiz question

3 moles of silver nitrate (AgNO3 ) is reacted with 2 moles of copper (Cu) in the following reaction:

2 AgNO3  + Cu → Cu(NO3)2  + 2 Ag



How many moles of Cu(NO3)2 can be formed in this reaction?

William W.

It would not be ethical for us to help answer a quiz question.


1 Expert Answer


Chinenye G. answered • 06/01/21

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Chemistry, Biology and Statistics tutor

Chinenye G.

Actually I just caught an error: when solving for X you will get X= 3/2 which is 1.5 not 2/3. It was mixed up. That's why it is good to check your work. So if you solve for X properly for Cu(NO3)2 you will have 1.5 moles for Cu(NO3)2 not 0.666 but 1.5 moles for Cu(NO3)2.


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