Yvonne G.

asked • 05/06/21

Can someone please answer this for me, I have been trying to work it out but I get an incorrect answer. Thank you

An object is objected to two forces: f1=112 lbs at 231degrees from the north clockwise and f2=108 lbs at N 16degrees W .. I have to find the components of F1 and write in standard form, using i and j.

Also, find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force on the object. (using NW, NE, SW, or SE to provide direction)

Ivan V.

I recommend drawing a diagram with your 2 forces as lines pointing away from your object. To solve the components of F1, imagine you have a right triangle with the hypotenuse as 112, and the inner angle as 16 degrees. With this, you can use trigonometry and solve for sin and cosine. To find the magnitude and direction of resultant force, imagine you are adding both forces. Add the x components, add the y components, then solve for the hypotenuse of your triangle. The hypotenuse gives you the magnitude. To find the direction, you need to find the angle, which you can use trig to find.


Yvonne G.

Thank you, very helpful!!


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Stanton D. answered • 05/07/21

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