Brian P.

asked • 04/14/21

Graphing a cosine function

I have been practicing graphing cosine functions on IXL pre-Calculus N.10

-4cos (x+pi/3)+1

I am able to under the sinusoidal axis being 1, and also to find the amplitude easily as well.

My trouble stems from the shifting of (x+pi/3). I have watched several videos and something is just not clicking. Is there anyone who can break down these concept so I can better understand? Using another example is fine as well. Thank You.

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Brian P.

I believe this is a simple concept, though am still not certain where to start the graph. Yes, shifting over p/3 to the left in that example makes perfect sense. But what if you have: cos(x-p/4)-1 S.A=-1 A=1 and of course it would be shifted p/4 to the right. But if my x axis is marked: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -2p -3p/2 -p -p/2 0 p/2 p 3p/2 2p p/4 is not listed. How do I figure where to start in this case?


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