Nicole W.

asked • 04/14/21

What are the answers to the three questions? And how do you calculate and get those answers?

0.98 g of silver (I) nitrate was dissolved in water and a 0.56 g piece of copper wire was placed in the solution. The color due to silver (I) nitrate soon faded and a precipitate of solid silver was observed on the wire. After the color of the solution had disappeared completely, the leftover copper wire was removed from the solution and weighed. The mass of the leftover copper wire was 0.43 g. 

The balanced equation is 2AgNO3 + Cu --> Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag

The limiting reactant is 2AgNO3. 

  1. How much of the excess reactant is left over after the reaction goes to completion?

  1. Using the limiting reactant, how much of each product actually produced.

  1. If the reaction was only 97.65% efficient, how much of each product is actually produced?

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Robert S. answered • 04/14/21

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