Taylor H.

asked • 03/24/21

Please help me with these Chemistry questions.

I have a solution that contains too much solute per liter of solvent, so I will need to dilute the solution by adding more solvent. In this case the solvent is water. If my initial concentration is 12 M and my starting volume is 3.0 L, what will be the new volume if I dilute my concentration to 3.25 M? Please show work so I can understand better.

What are the [H+] and [OH-] for a substance with a pH of 9.2? Please show work.

What is the pH of a substance with [H+] = 2.7 x 10-7 ? Round your answer to 2 significant figures. Show your work and/or state the buttons you pressed on your calculator for credit. Is it a strong acid, weak acid, weak base, or strong base?

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