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College level Python

Write a Python program for a grocery store to keep track of the fruits and prices in the store. The manager can enter a fruit’s name, followed by its prices in one line. A comma should separate the fruit and the fruit’s prices. Each fruit in this shop should have at least three prices based on the quality of the fruit. Your program should print a main menu for the store to allow her to add, edit, delete, or search an item.

Note 1: The delete option has two features: delete all the items, or delete one item at a time.

Note 2: If one item is not in stock and the store is trying to edit, delete, or search it, your program should return a message to the store with the name of the fruit.

Note 3: Your program should keep running until the user quits.

Note 4: The program should print the up-to-date stock at the end of every option selected from the menu (The name of the fruit is a string and prices are a list of float numbers).


(a) The program prints the main menu.

(b) The user chooses a number from the menu.

(c) A comma separates the fruit and the prices. The sample output showing the behavior of the program is on the next page.

Patrick B.

Java source code uploaded for you that does all of these things.


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