Meg T.

asked • 01/28/21

How do you solve this problem?

1. A candy factory needs a box with a volume of 420 cubic inches. The height should be 2 inches less than the width and the length is 5 inches greater than the width. What are the dimensions of the box?

If w represents the measurements of the width, which of the following mathematical model satisfy the condition of the above problem?

A. (w-2)(w+5)(w) = 420 B. (w+2)(w-5)(w) = 420

C. (w+2)(w+5)(w) = 420 D. (w-2)(w-5)(w) = 420

2. How wide is the box?

A. 3 inches B. 5 inches C. 7 inches D. 9 inches

3. How high is the box?

A. 5 inches B. 6 inches C. 7 inches D. 8 inches

4. How long is the box?

A. 12 inches B. 14 inches C. 16 inches D. 18 inches

5. What are the dimensions of the box? (Follow V = LWH)

A. 15 in by 12 in by 5 in B. 18 in by 8 in by 12 in

C. 12 in by 3 in by 7 in D. 12 in by 7 in by 5 in

1 Expert Answer


Irene R.

The Volume would be 12 x 7 x 5 = 420 cubic inches


Meg T.

Thank you, can you show the solution so that I can fully understand what's the process on it.


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